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What Day Were You Born?


Explore the meaning of your birthday, and the birthdays of friends, family, and celebrities. Discover your character profile, compatibility, love, predictions for the years ahead, lucky days, numbers, and horoscopes for the day you were born.

What does your birthday say about you? Find your birthday in the birthday calendar to read a personology profile and a forecast for the year ahead. As well, discover compatible birthdays, lucky numbers, gems, and colors.

Which character traits are shared by people born on a particular day of the year? Which birthdates are compatible with yours? What are your lucky days of the week and month? Which gem stones are associated with your birthday?

This site will feature profiles for every birth date of the year:

“If Today is Your Birthday” forecasts: forecasts, or horoscopes for the year ahead.

Astrology: information about zodiac signs, planetary rulers, fixed stars associated with each birthday

Numerology: the meanings of the numbers associated with each day, plus lucky days, gems, and colors.

Cartomancy: playing cards associated with your birth date, and their meanings.

Compatibility & Love: which birthdays are compatible with yours?

125 Responses to “What Day Were You Born?”


    my dob is 20th may 1981

  2. Sumit sharma says:

    I was born on 28 august

  3. Sasikanth says:

    Jun-03-1994 9:11 AM (india GMT+5:30) Zodiac: Pisces

  4. Sheila says:

    June 5, 1961 pls? 10:42 am est

  5. Nandini Rajan says:

    i was born on June 24 1974 at 12.05 am

  6. Jenny says:

    November 6, 1986 and is looking for other people born that day!

  7. Bruno says:

    Born on February 13th can you tell my characteristics,please??

  8. Janice says:

    my birthday is January 1, 1991
    I would love to read the breakdown of my birthday

  9. kassandra says:

    My birthday is may 28

  10. Amanda says:

    August 29

  11. amar akbar anthony says:

    my birthday is 24th december, 1988.

  12. Kyounosuke says:

    Hey, please can you do june 17th? Thanks

  13. Kari says:

    July 2

  14. prabhjeet kaur says:

    born on 25 sept 1995 india, punjab, jalndhr time 4:15 am

  15. Sylvia says:

    Hi? Mine is 4 July 1986 But I can’t find it here

  16. Henry says:

    October 18

  17. Rajan Adhikari says:

    09 th october 1987

  18. Pooja Bhatia says:

    I was born on 23rd December 1983 please advice. Thanks

  19. riya says:

    My birth date is 27 June 1985

  20. Bhagyashree Dhore says:

    My birth date 1 Oct 1984

  21. Elsie says:


  22. badsweetly says:

    Will u do january 7th 1992? I loved ur readings. U obviously know what u are talking about and specifications are so important for people to recognize the truth behind astrology!!

  23. Ritesh says:

    MY B’DAY 13-APRIL-1979

  24. divya says:

    my birth date 21 aug 1988

  25. tan says:

    My dob 25 oct 1968

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