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Born October 7

If Today is Your Birthday: October Seventh


Personality Profile for People Born on October 7

The following descriptions reveal some of the characteristics of people who share a birthday—those who are born on October 7th of any year—based on various methods used in Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy. Note that both Astrology and Numerology reveal much more depth when a birth year, and in the case of the former, a birth time and place are included.

The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday

Your Sun is in Libra in the Aquarius decanate and the Capricorn quadrant.

The rulers of your Sun in Libra is Venus. Venus bestows a charming, sometimes indulgent nature, with a love of comfort and peace. Secondary rulers of your decanate and quadrant signs are Uranus and Saturn. Uranus adds a sometimes rebellious and willful spin to the personality. Saturn adds a need for order.

Your Personality Profile:

You seek to balance the world around you on a mental level. You want things to be fair and just, and you are very uncomfortable with extremes of opinion, simply because they seem harsh and unfair to you. The world of ideas is precious to you. You think like a social worker at times. Although you very definitely march to the beat of a different drummer, you do it in such a charming manner that people find you delightfully odd, and, at the very least, interesting.

fair – charming  – balanced

Born Today

Thom Yorke, frontman of the band Radiohead, born October 7, 1968 For
Yorke, who has been known to change topics mid-conversation or even walk out of
interviews when things aren’t going well, being weird, contrary or aloof is a
way to avoid having to be too analytical about his personal life and work. He’ll
happily discuss the state of the world, history and literature, but get too
close to the emotional core and he’ll retreat into a shell of sarcasm.” From
Radiohead: A New Life.

John Mellancamp, born October 7, 1951
His socially conscious lyrics often have him railing against society’s

R.D. Laing, born October 7, 1927
Psychiatrist who took a controversial stance on mental illness.

Your Sun Sign

Libra the Scales

Libra the Scales

Libra is fair-minded, socially aware, and likable. Uncomfortable with anything that throws things out of balance, Libra aim towards harmony and equality. Partnerships are extremely important to Libra–Librans don’t like to go it alone. For the most part, Libra is accommodating and concerned about keeping the peace.

Fixed Star(s) Near Your Sun

Sun Conjunct Algorab
This fixed star has a Mars/Saturn influence, giving you determination and drive. It also endows you with your fair share of hard-headedness! Insisting on doing your job your way doesn’t always win brownie points in the short term, but your determination to do a job well is admirable.

Progressed Sun: Turning Points in Your Life

We carry our Sun sign with us throughout our entire lives. If I’m a Libra, I’ll always be a Libra. However, in secondary progressions, the Sun “progresses” in a symbolic sense through our natal Sun sign, and then beyond it to subsequent signs. Secondary progressions are “a day for a year”, and because the Sun moves just under one degree per day, our Sun symbolically progresses just short of one degree every year of our lives. Because there are 30 degrees for every sign, if I were born in the latter days of a Libra Sun, my Sun would progress to the sign of Scorpio in my early childhood, and to the sign of Sagittarius in my early to mid-30’s. If I were born near the beginning of a Libra Sun, however, my progressed Sun would enter Scorpio close to my 30th birthday, and to Sagittarius in my late 50’s. The changeover of signs marks a critical turning point in a person’s life. At the very end of a sign (just before changing signs), individuals may make life-changing, impulsive decisions.

Your progressed Sun enters Scorpio at age 16. The ages of 15 to 17 mark a critical turning point in the development of your personality. Circumstances are such that you develop a slightly thicker skin. You become more passionate and have less of a need to rely on others for support, and your power to make decisions improves.

Your progressed Sun enters Sagittarius at age 46. The ages of 45 to 47 mark a critical turning point in the development of your personality. After some sort of crisis of consciousness, and perhaps elimination of circumstances that have been limiting your growth, you begin to feel lighter, more free, and decidedly more outgoing. Your desire to learn increases, and your sense of humor is enriched.

Degree Meanings of your Sun

14 Libra

Sabian Symbol:

Sabian symbols present imagery associated with the degree of your Sun in Libra. Either of the following may apply, depending on the exact degree of your Sun:

If Sun is 13-14 degrees Libra:

“In The Heat Of The Noon Hour A Man Takes A Siesta”

If Sun is 14-15 degrees Libra:

“Circular Paths”

Harmonic Degree Meaning:

The following is the degree meaning of your Sun (14 degrees Libra) based on harmonic sign influences.

“Quick, imaginative mind but lacks concentration, determination, and ambition. Many ideas and big plans for the future.”

Numerology of October 7

You were born on the 7th day, which makes you a little secretive. You strive for perfection. You’re a dreamer at heart, and you march to the beat of a different drummer. You are constantly seeking self-definition. Factoring in the 10th month of October, you are a number 8, which gives you much drive and determination to get the job done–in your own way! You’re unlikely to be a “couch potato”, although you love leisure time. You have a special affinity for music, and if you have a choice between listening to music or watching television, you’ll choose music. You have strong values, although they are certainly not always mainstream. Factoring in your birth year gives you your Birth Path Number—a highly personal number for you.

Most Favorable Days of the Month are 7, 16, 25, especially when these days (of any month) fall on Sunday or Monday; and/or when the Sun is in Cancer. Second-choice favorable days are 2, 11, 20, and 29. The best colors for you are white, green, and yellow. You might want to wear moonstones, cat’s eyes, and pearls next to your skin.

Birthday Forecast for You

is a Number Two year for you. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people. This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice – be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect.

2011 is a Number Three year for you. Ruled by Jupiter. This is a year of sociability. It is a friendly time, when it is easy to enjoy life and other people. Focus is on personal freedom, reaching out to others, making new friends, and exploration. You are more enthusiastic and ready for adventure. It is likely to be a rather lighthearted year, when opportunities for "play" time are greater than usual. It’s also a good year for expressing your creativity. Advice – reach out, but avoid scattering your energies.

Forecast for the Year Ahead (October 2010 to October 2011):

This is a “new beginning” year — one in which you feel like you’re on a whole new path or starting a brand new chapter in your life. You are magnetic and easily attract romance into your life, although you are not always certain about what you want from a partnership. Do whatever you can to stay on track. Fulfill your responsibilities, or you will find that the things you’ve procrastinated about come back to haunt you. Express yourself creatively, as this is an excellent year in which to discover your creative talents.


You Are Drawn to People Born on…

Easy, subtle attraction and harmony: You don’t feel an irresistible pull towards each other, but over time, appreciate the peace you have between you. These people are good for you, although they might not challenge you to grow.

January 29-February 8, May 31-June 10, August 3-10, December 3-9

On-again, off-again attraction. This is a complex connection, and you make an odd yet interested couple.

March 3-7, May 3-7, September 5-9, November 5-9

A mysterious attraction that can be very romantic…or completely platonic! This is a spiritual connection that has a magical quality to it.

January 16-20, June 20-24, August 13-17, November 25-29

Opposites attract. Push me, pull me. You could complement each other well if you allow yourselves to learn from each other, or you could actively war against each other.

March 30-April 9

Attraction of the soul; challenging, intense, rich, and binding.

August 25-29, November 15-19

Powerful, tumultuous attraction–you are aware of the distinct differences between you, but may be drawn to each other because of the simultaneous awareness of a need and a lack. Either the relationship is ongoing and obviously tumultuous and of a “love-hate” nature, or it flows well until it breaks unexpectedly.

January 1-10, February 16-20, May 19-23, July 1-11, August 20-24, October 2-12, November 20-24, December 31

Creative, communicative, inspiring, and spiritually rewarding connections.

February 25-March 1, May 9-13, July 23-27, December 16-20

What’s in the Cards…

Today’s playing cards are based on an ancient system similar to the Tarot. Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the Birth Card, and each tells its own story.
2diamonds The card associated with your birthday is the Two of Diamonds. This card brings benefits in sales, promotion, and public relations. Your people skills will help bring success into your life. It may be too easy to fall into ruts, but your innate intuition and ambition will allow you to rise above these periods of inertia. In relationships, you may stay longer in a difficult set-up. You have staying power, however, and this can serve you well. This can also translate literally as a long life and good health overall.

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  1. Mrs.XYZ says:

    The article is very interesting!!!

  2. Alison says:

    Wow very thorough and so true. It’s my bday and this just completed it perfectly. What a gift. Thank you

  3. MarieG. says:

    Very interesting…and true!

  4. susie says:

    I can relate to those who were born same day as me, so I think its most likely true.

  5. Sam says:

    My first girlfriend was born on April 9th that was before I knew about astrology, we didn’t work out

  6. Sam says:

    I also had a girlfriend who was born on the 16th of December we didn’t talk much but we still love each other… my roommate too was born on the same day and we don’t have anything against each other and well its okay just very little communication.

  7. Maria says:

    Hmmmm interesting OCTOBER 7th is my bday;-)

  8. Missy says:

    Ahhh! I am about to scream! This is ALL sooo freakishly true! I can’t believe it!!! Wow! Thank you website!!!

  9. Missy says:

    This is so creepy. Wow! I love this website!

  10. miva akerele says:

    soooo very true……really happy

  11. Baatseba Octavia Motlhale says:

    This is so true I could relate to every detail about me as I was reading.This is so me. Im impressed about the acuracy.

  12. Venus says:

    Happy Birthday To All!

    My birthday is October 7. I just had to laugh when I read my sign! It was right on the money!

  13. Al says:

    Hey… it’s me! Although.. I prefer to watch T.V. than listening to music… but I always switch it to music channels so… still same. haha

  14. Nodnarbus says:

    But do we play music!?
    I can vouge for myself that I was predestined to perform,but if we all were, we should have a convention :)

  15. Adam (Ammy) says:

    Wow. My birthday is 7th october, and i couldnt believe myself when i read this article. So much of it is true, so i guess that i have a reason for being who i am xD

  16. Obawomiye blessing teniola says:

    Glad to be born on this beautiful day. Shoutout to al 7th of oct birthday mates

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