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If Today is Your Birthday: October Twenty Sixth


Personality Profile for People Born on October 26

The following descriptions reveal some of the characteristics of people who share a birthday—those who are born on October 26th of any year—based on various methods used in Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy. Note that both Astrology and Numerology reveal much more depth when a birth year, and in the case of the former, a birth time and place are included.

The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday

Your Sun is in Scorpio in the Scorpio decanate and the Scorpio quadrant.

The rulers of your Sun in Scorpio are Pluto and Mars. You are intense, passionate, perceptive, and determined. Your need to know, combined with superb intuition, makes you an excellent detective.

Your Personality Profile:

You express yourself with authority, sometimes intimidating others without ever intending to do so! Your mind is sharp and incisive, and your wit is on the ball. You have the benefit of both analytical skills and perceptive understanding of others. It is hard to put anything past you! When you care about someone, you are generous to a fault. Although you certainly possess business sense and ability, you are not a traditional businessperson in that you have a strongly idealistic and humanitarian side to your nature.

generous – shrewd – whole-hearted

Born Today

Hillary Rodham Clinton, born October 26, 1947 Former First Lady.

Dylan McDermott, born October 26, 1961 Actor, The Practice.

Pat Sajak, born October 26, 1946 Game show host, Wheel of Fortune.

Jaclyn Smith, born October 26, 1945 Actress, Charlie’s Angels.

Your Sun Sign

Scorpio the Scorpion
Scorpio the Scorpion

Scorpio the Scorpion
Scorpio is determined, strong, intense, and often controlled. Anything that is superficial doesn’t appeal to the scorpion. It’s all or nothing! Scorpio is never content to look only at the surface of matters. Scorpio digs deep, questions motives, and instinctively feels what is going on in the environment around him or her.

Scorpio, the scorpion: Planet: Pluto and Mars; Element: Water; Quality: Fixed; Color: Burgundy; Day: Tuesday; Stone: Topaz; Part of Body Ruled: Genitals; Motto: I control; Energy: Yin

Fixed Star(s) Near Your Sun

Sun Conjunct Princeps
This fixed star has a Mercury/Saturn influence, and gives a profound, sometimes studious mind. You are extremely resourceful. You feel the need to gather facts, and to truly believe in something, before offering your opinion.

Progressed Sun: Turning Points in Your Life

We carry our Sun sign with us throughout our entire lives. If I’m a Scorpio, I’ll always be a Scorpio. However, in secondary progressions, the Sun “progresses” in a symbolic sense through our natal Sun sign, and then beyond it to subsequent signs. Secondary progressions are “a day for a year”, and because the Sun moves just under one degree per day, our Sun symbolically progresses just short of one degree every year of our lives. Because there are 30 degrees for every sign, if I was born in the latter days of a Scorpio Sun, my Sun would progress to the sign of Sagittarius in my early childhood, and to the sign of Capricorn in my early to mid-30’s. If I was born near the beginning of a Scorpio Sun, however, my progressed Sun would enter Sagittarius close to my 30th birthday, and to Capricorn in my late 50’s. The changeover of signs marks a critical turning point in a person’s life. At the very end of a sign (just before changing signs), individuals may make life-changing, impulsive decisions.

Your progressed Sun enters Sagittarius at age 27. The ages of 26 to 28 mark a critical turning point in the development of your personality. After some sort of crisis of consciousness, and perhaps elimination of circumstances that have been limiting your growth, you begin to feel lighter, more free, and decidedly more outgoing. Your desire to learn increases, and your sense of humor is enriched. You are more flexible during this period as well.

Your progressed Sun enters Capricorn at age 56. The ages of 55 to 57 mark a critical turning point in the development of your personality. You become more practical, mindful, and concerned about your personal security. You are a self-starter, and you become more shrewd and focused on your goals.

Degree Meanings of your Sun

3 Scorpio

Sabian Symbol:

Sabian symbols present imagery associated with the degree of your Sun in Scorpio. Either of the following may apply, depending on the exact degree of your Sun:

If Sun is 2-3 degrees Scorpio:

“A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbors’ Cooperation”

If Sun is 3-4 degrees Scorpio:

“A Youth Carries A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual”

Harmonic Degree Meaning:

The following is the degree meaning of your Sun (3 degrees Scorpio) based on harmonic sign influences.*

“Careful planning and an enterprising nature enable him to succeed in business pursuits or political activities. Strives to enrich his life.”

Numerology of October 26

You were born on the 26th day, which reduces to a 8. You are enterprising and success-oriented. Others turn to you for support, as they see you as a tower of strength. Factoring in the 10th month of October, you are a number 9. Although you appear quite solid and practical, it might surprise some that you rely very much on your intuition, not only on cold hard facts. You possess excellent foresight. Factoring in your birth year gives you your Birth Path Number—a highly personal number for you.

Most Favorable Days of the Month are 8, 17, 26, especially when these days (of any month) fall on a Saturday; and/or when the Sun is in Capricorn. The best colors for you are dark ones–dark grey, black, dark blue, and deep purple. You might want to wear amethyst, sapphire, black pearl, or black diamond next to your skin.

Birthday Forecast for You

is a Number Five year for you. Ruled by Mercury. This is a year of exploration and freedom. It’s a time when exploration and reaching out to others brings opportunities. It’s a good time to advertise and sell. Surprises are in store, and the routine is broken. This is a year when exciting relationships can be formed, or, if you are already in a partnership, new life is breathed into the relationship. Advice – explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, mingle.

is a Number Six year for you. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment. It is a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity. You are able to attract others, and material things as well, this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the family and in the home. Advice – develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire.

Forecast for the Year Ahead (October 2012 to October 2013):

This year, you are learning to count on your hunches and you are tuning into your imagination. Tapping into your more creative side figures strongly this year, but you are also able to turn dreams into reality with hard work. Watch for fuzzy thinking and missing important details. Unusual, but mostly pleasantly different, people can come into your life. You could be putting some friendships behind you as your interests change. Communications fields tend to be more lucrative than usual for you this year.


You Are Drawn to People Born on…

Easy, subtle attraction and harmony: You don’t feel an irresistible pull towards each other, but over time, appreciate the peace you have between you. These people are good for you, although they might not challenge you to grow.

February 17-27, June 19-29, August 22-29, December 22-29

On-again, off-again attraction. This is a complex connection, and you make an odd yet interested couple.

March 22-26, May 22-26, September 24-28, November 24-28

A mysterious attraction that can be very romantic…or completely platonic! This is a spiritual connection that has a magical quality to it.

February 4-8, July 9-13, September 1-5, December 14-18

Opposites attract. Push me, pull me. You could complement each other well if you allow yourselves to learn from each other, or you could actively war against each other.

April 18-28

Attraction of the soul; challenging, intense, rich, and binding.

September 13-17, December 4-8

Powerful, tumultuous attraction–you are aware of the distinct differences between you, but may be drawn to each other because of the simultaneous awareness of a need and a lack. Either the relationship is ongoing and obviously tumultuous and of a “love-hate” nature, or it flows well until it breaks unexpectedly.

January 19-29, March 7-11, June 7-11, July 20-30, September 8-12, October 21-31, December 9-13

Creative, communicative, inspiring, and spiritually rewarding connections.

January 4-8, March 16-20, May 28-June 1, August 11-15

What’s in the Cards…

Today’s playing cards are based on an ancient system similar to the Tarot. Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the Birth Card, and each tells its own story.
9hearts1 The card associated with your birthday is the Nine of Hearts. You are an extremely generous person who will bend over backwards to help out a friend or loved ones. You need to be careful not to martyr yourself. You are very perceptive and people-aware. A humanitarian, you are sentimental without being sappy. You may have a tendency to micro-manage your family and loved ones. Be careful not to let this tendency to want to protect others be perceived as controlling. Your love card is the Five of Diamonds. You are attracted to talented and successful people. You may have to deal with restlessness and changeability in your partnerships.

More to Astrology

There’s certainly something magical about birthdays, but much more information can be obtained with the birth date and birth year. Note that both Astrology and Numerology reveal much more depth when a birth year, and in the case of the former, a birth time and place are considered.


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